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Unknown Soldier

2004 CL Productions feature film

Winner Best Narrative Feature Film:

2004 Los Angeles Film Festival
2004 Philadelphia Film Festival

2005 Independent Spirit Award

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Character triumphs over adversity and temptation when a young African-American man is unexpectedly thrust onto the streets. More info here.

Peter Calandra establishes himself as a dynamic and highly-talented composer who is able to emotionally fuse a film's story-line to its score. "Unknown" should be on every score-fans list for its rousing jazz pieces and dramatic underscore. Soundtrack Lovers

Peter Calandra is presented here as a impressively capable composer, with broad musical horizons. An evident feeling of passion, love and commitment is spread throughout his music, as it can be clearly extracted from the accurate and heartfelt piano performances and of the overall musical ensemble.
Music Web International

Unknown Soldier's jazz score highlights bravery and the human social fracture in our society. Jazz Review

Music From the Movies Review
PETER CALANDRA wrote one of last year’s finest scores for an independent feature, Unknown Soldier, the debut feature by director Ference Tóth. An accomplished jazz musician who released a fine genre album entitled ’Sunrise Over New York’ in 2003, Calandra wrote an infectious urban jazz score for this film that won several awards on the film festival circuit. Those of you who remember Don Was’ fantastic jazz score for Backbeat back in 1993 has in that something similar to Calandra’s Unknown Soldier music. No, I wouldn’t say Mark Isham – like Isham’s music, this has a unique voice driven by Calandra’s piano playing and sensitive harmonies. Sometimes reflective, sometimes urgent and driving, this is a score that definitely deserves a commercial CD release.

Buoyed by sharp performances, a note-perfect jazz score and crack editing, Toth.s debut feature displays promising talent. - LA WEEKLY

Peter Calandra's score draws on diverse music choices. - VARIETY

The film seems like a merging of Jean-Luc Godard (energetic street camerawork set to a rousing jazz score) and neorealism (a simple plot sketched in broad strokes emphasizing its urban setting and the people and faces that inhabit it). - FILM JOURNEY

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